This Is Your Judaism
Orthodox?  Secular?  Antipathetic to religion?  Progressive?  Conservative?  Traditional?  Renewal?  We have so many categories for Judaism, and all are welcome here.  This website is part of a new trend toward coming back together as a Jewish family.  So this is Judaism: just plain Judaism.  If you consider yourself Jewish — or if you are wondering what Judaism is — this website is for you.  Our goal in this space is to make space for everyone who wants to be in this space.

That’s not always easy.  In our extended Jewish family, we don’t have to look far to find beliefs that conflict.  Some of us don’t even like each other all that much (admitting it is the first step toward working on that).  But the founding premise of this space is that we all together give up any claim we have to telling anyone else they can’t be here.  We all belong here.  You might be Orthodox and gay.  You might be a transgender rabbi.  You might be married to the president of a major Christian organization. You might be curious about Judaism but not Jewish — perhaps thinking about becoming Jewish, and perhaps not. You might think God is a harmful superstition.  You might be haredi.  But this is a radically inclusive space, and so it is for every single person who wants to be in it.

Have a look around!  This is an entirely new project.  Our hope is that it will one day be a fully functioning synagogue, and we will begin by offering online pre-recorded services starting on Shabbat Bereshit.  Perhaps the liturgical recordings by rabbinical student Jeremy Sher will be helpful to people unable to access communal worship.  Jeremy’s singable English translations and Der Alter Psalter project make liturgy more accessible for English speakers, especially those new to it.  There are opportunities to learn and engage here, and every page is open for comment and discussion.  (Why?  Because this is Judaism!)  Check out the Vision & Funding section on the top-level menu for more information on where we’re going.  And please don’t forget to get in touch!

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